Procedures To Book A Social Escort In Singapore – 6 Steps

Most first time customers are confused when it comes to booking an escort in Singapore. After all, it is not a commonly discussed topic, and not known at all! Most people who are customers of escorts also prefer to keep it under wraps, and so no one else knows how to book an escort. Here is how you can meet such a girl in Singapore.

Social escorts in Singapore are broken down into two main categories – independent escorts as well as agency girls. However, the booking procedure for both categories are quite similar – the only difference is that the person you are first conversing with through message or Whatsapp will be the girl herself or an agency.

While each step may be slightly different for each service provider, it is largely the same.

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Step one will be you can look through profiles of the escort online.

Almost everyone lists their own profile online nowadays, so please look through. Most put details on the website too or they are unable to compete. So make sure to check them out. Once done, you are encouraged to shortlist a few girls you are keen to meet. The reason for this is that not every escort girl are available at the time you book. If you want to book a Singaporean girl, she may be busy. If you want to book a freelance foreign call girl in Singapore, she may not be in Singapore at the time you are in Singapore.


Step number two, is to contact the number that is listed on the website via message.

You are usually encouraged to use Whatsapp, Telegram or Wechat in Singapore. Most people have wifi or 3g or 4g, whether you are a local or a foreigner at your hotel room. Therefore, using those can easily reach most Singapore escort service providers, while saving you potential international IDD charges. Additionally, many providers seem to not accept calls, so you are generally recommended to message instead if you see a mobile number instead of a landline. That way, even if they are busy, they can reply to you later too.

Step three is to provide your identity verification if you are a new customer or client.

This can mean various different things, and different escort agencies and different call girls require different verifications. This is why I usually recommend sticking to a Singapore escort agency once you have found a reputable one.

It could mean:

  • Providing your name and room number of your hotel room if you are a foreigner
  • Providing a deposit which must be received by the agency or the girl before booking commences
  • Email the person from your company email address to provide proof of your identity
  • Show them your corporate name card as an identity proof
  • Etc

But because it is so different for each provider, you are recommended to simply ask the person over message what they require, if not already stated on their websites. It is easier for some, and harder for others.

In general, Singaporean freelance call girls are the strictest and require the most details, followed by Singapore escort agencies, followed by foreign escorts.

Step four is checking with them the escorts’ availability once they have verified your identity or location or whatever.

You can then tell them whom you are interested to meet, if you are talking to an agency. They will then advise you on the availability. Keep in mind that verification is often times required before this step. So make sure to go through step three mentioned above before this step.


Step five is deciding on the Singapore escort girl you wish to meet.

Clearly, after they have let you know who is available, you can make your decision. In general, you are recommended to book at least 1 to 2 hours in advance in Singapore, or disappointment is almost guaranteed.

Choose one of the girls and that is all!

Step six is paying the full sum to the escort and enjoy your time!

You are to be a gentlemen client if you want good services, and provide the lady or girl with her cash right at the start of the meeting time. After that, simply enjoy your time with the social escort!

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