The Truth About Life Working As A Female Escort In Singapore

One of the things which has always captured the fantasies and dreams of many people in Singapore is the lifestyle of social escorts. People in Singapore tend to group them into either:

  • Poor girls who are suffering from bad family or personal financial issues and need ways of generating more cash on the side
  • Gold diggers who want the glitz and glamour

However, the truth is, at least for Singapore escorts, none of the above are exactly true. SG girls do not take up a female escort job in Singapore for the above reasons.

The truth about why some SG girls take on an escort job:

Many of these young, local SG girls are actually either tertiary educational institution students or office ladies. While there may be an occasional divorced or separated woman, most belong to the first two groups of women.

Singaporean student

Tertiary educational institution female students

Students from poorer families are faced with financial issues where they need to come up with money for their education. At the tertiary level, school fees become exorbitant, even with citizen subsidies. Therefore, many girls turn to escort jobs, or some become sugar babies Singapore in order to deal with these hefty school fees. If you are a foreigner reading this, you are right! They could simply choose to work or become self employed instead of studying, but there is this culture in Singapore where parents pressure their kids to study more whether or not they can actually afford it, and whether or not it makes sense.

Most of the girls belonging to this group become an escort only for this reason – to save up for their school fees or clear their tuition loan debt.

SG office lady

Singaporean office ladies

Termed as OL or office ladies in Singapore, these are women in Singapore who are essentially working professionals, most of whom are in admin jobs for their day job. That is right, they work a day job or shift job, and they double as a social escort companion to clients in the evenings, nights and weekends. Some of them work with escort agencies like SG VIP Escorts, while others do it freelance.

The reasons for them working as a social escort are more varied and plentiful:

  • Singapore is known to have one of the highest costs of living, and some of them are struggling to keep up with just their day job. Therefore, many of these women actually take on multiple jobs, or several part time gigs all at once.
  • Some of them are leading comfortable lifestyles with their day time job, but want more income and disposable cash for their luxury indulgences such as luxury handbags, purses and more. Some also like to travel, and use this job as an avenue to save up more money to be able to travel!
  • Some women want to save up so that they can start their own business on the sideline in their future.
  • There are Singaporean ladies in their 30s who do not ever wish to get married, and date seriously. So, they see no harm in being a sugar baby or an escort, and thus they do it for the money and/or the ‘lolz’.

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